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My name is Wei Fen Zhou and I am the owner of Shangri- La Antiques Gallery. I was born in Shanghai and lived there the first twenty three years of my life. It is in China that I grew a passion for chinese antique furniture.

Today I am a collector and an enthusiast of Chinese antiquity and arts. As a collector I am always striving to become better at selecting pieces for my collection. Spending the last six years with antique dealers in China and studying museum pieces all around the world have helped me develop a good understanding for fine Chinese antique furniture.

As you look through my collection on this website I hope that you will be inspired by these one of a kind pieces. Some of the rare examples include The Liao Dynasty Tigers, the Qing Dynasty Daybed in Black Lacquer, The Ming dynasty Cabinet in Red Lacquer, The Late Yuan early Ming Dynasty Meditation Stool with Cabriole Legs, The Ming Dynasty Yoke-back Arm Chair,The Qing Dynasty Side Table in Black Lacquer, The Ming Dynasty Lotus Wood Altar Table... How was I able to find them and to indentify its origin and authenticity? The answer lies in many years of my efforts of learning to truly understand Chinese classic soft wood furniture and developing special relationships in China to find pieces that are rarely available on the market. I travel to China twice a year for several months searching for what I believe to be unusual antiques.

When selecting antiques I like for the piece to be preserved in its original form and state so I make sure there has been only minimal changes done to each piece. I am mostly drawn to the simplicity and elegant lines of the Ming and Qing Dynasty.

We have worked with collectors and designers and are always interested in attaining further relations with new clients. We also have a wonderful shipping service that caters to all parts of the United States. Our shipping is convenient and inexpensive so we can have pieces delivered to your door in only three to four weeks.

I am always happy to discuss the merits of all my pieces. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.


Wei Fen Zhou


If you are interested in traveling to China and Tibet with Wei, please view our website:

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